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“This film was made without a script or any expectation about where it was going to go,” he said, “but knowing that he was interesting enough that it was going to go somewhere. I could not have anticipated that it would end with him standing at the White House podium and then getting fired a week later, but as that kept going we had to keep revising the edit.” And revising the edit. And …

“What’s actually funny is that my editor, Jon Connor, and I screened a cut for friends the day before Scaramucci got the communications job,” Muscato said. “We got to the end of the screening and said, ‘Yeah, it kind of ends somewhere around here.’ And people said, ‘Seriously — where does it end?’ And we kind of shrugged our shoulders and said, ‘We’re figuring that out.’ ”

So then Scaramucci gets the White House job. “We said, ‘Finally, we have our ending.’ And a friend actually asked, ‘What if he gets fired in a week?’ And then that happened. And it was back to the drawing board.”

Read full article here: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-et-mn-monrovia-usa-mooch-20181025-story.html


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